I saw this cute pup at an art festival. It looks like a sled dog, but I was told it was a miniature breed that would only get to be about ten pounds. What a sweetie!IMG_2803 - Version 2

Beautiful Flowers

I wanted to share these beautiful flowers with you. I hope they bring a smile to your face. They were at a gas station so the recycled tires are a nice added touch!

Beautiful flowers in recycled tires.

Beautiful flowers in recycled tires.

Ellie in Action

I had fun presenting with Terry Shames at the Tulare Library Friday night. It’s a beautiful facility, and the people were a pleasure to meet. However, it was a long drive home Saturday! My goal is to share something relating to dogs every weekend. Here’s a picture I like of Ellie, our boxer/coonhound. She DID succeed in getting the ball!

Ellie determined to get the ball.

Ellie determined to get the ball.


Ellie Thinking

I was just telling Ellie, our boxer/coonhound, about the chapter I’m working on. I don’t know if her look means she’s not so sure what I’m planning will work or she’s wondering where the treat is she deserves for listening for so long!

Janet Finsilver's photo.

A Dog with Great Focus

I’ve decided Saturdays are “going to the dogs.” I’ll share photos, interesting facts I’ve learned while doing research, and/or comments “from the puppy’s point of view,” some pieces I wrote while raising my puppy, Kylie. The picture I’m sharing today is a wonderful one my husband took. I think it’s a great example of what “focused” looks like!

A dog photo showing incredible focus.

A dog photo showing incredible focus.

It’s release day for Murder at the Mansion!

My second book, MURDER AT THE MANSION, released today. Exciting times! I created an event called Whale Frolic for this mystery based on the Mendocino Whale Festival. My “research” included sampling some great chowder!

Murder at the Mansion, a Kelly Jackson Murder Mystery Series

Janet Finsilver presents her second book, in the Kelly Jackson Murder Mystery series, “Murder at the Mansion”.