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Meet my new friend Mel. We had an adventure together yesterday. He was loose on the trail where I exercise. Unfortunately, there’s a very busy road nearby. A woman was nice enough to hold him while I ran to my car. When I got back I saw Mel walking her across the road. Yes, I meant to say it that way. She had him by the collar, and he’d decided he was ready to leave. Strong and stubborn describe Mel. I put a leash on him and took him to the car. I had a dog crate in it because I’m taking my young dog out for socialization trips. He jumped in the car just fine but looked a bit dubious about the crate. He got in most of the way then balked. Mel’s back covered the entire opening leaving his thick, bushy, long tail outside. There was no way I could find to get his tail in. I pushed him gently a few times with no result. So there we sat…and sat…and sat. Did I mention strong and stubborn? After about ten minutes he shifted a bit, and I was able to tuck his tail in. He was happily reunited with his owner who thought he was in the backyard.

Meet my new friend Mel!

Meet my new friend Mel!


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