It recently came to my attention that a number of e-mails from people through my website weren’t making it to me. This was very upsetting news as responding to my readers is always a priority for me. If you’ve written to me and didn’t get a reply, I apologize profusely. Not only have you read something I’ve written, you’ve taken the time to correspond with me which I really value. It appears messages made it to the people I use for the site but not back to me. I have a list of those e-mails and have sent a group explanation. If you sent an e-mail and didn’t receive that message, please let me know. I’m so sorry this happened. The problem appears to be fixed. I hope nothing like this happens again in the future and believe I now have a safeguard to be sure I’m receiving my messages. Thank you to everyone who contacted me. I will respond to each of you individually in the near future.


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