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I had fun introducing a feisty Chihuahua named Princess in my third book, MURDER AT THE FORTUNE TELLER’S TABLE. Her owner loves dressing her in sparkling collars and fuzzy coats. But don’t be deceived by all of the finery. Princess is a retired hearing assistance dog. She is now a regular in the series. In book four, MURDER AT THE MUSHROOM FESTIVAL which comes out in April 2018, she makes the acquaintance Max, short for Maximillian, a rescue mix that finds mushrooms and has a working dog role as well. I’m writing book five, and she just popped into view! I thought I’d share a bit about her. The cover for book four has Max on the front.


The dogs in the cozy mystery Murder at the Mushroom Festival are a Chihuahua named Princess, a basset hound named Fred, and Maximillian, a mushroom-hunting mix that looks like a goldendoodle.Murder at the Mushroom festival is the next in the cozy mystery series by Janet Finsilver set in northern California.

The Dogs of Murder at the Mushroom Festival


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